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Pursue Wellness. Find Your Sense of Peace. Dream of Possibilities. 

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My Services

You may choose from the following treatment options:

Initial Consult  $110

During this 1.5 hour session (approximately), I will explain what the session entails, we will discuss your health and wellbeing and I will answer any questions you may have. We will create intention statements for your therapy. Then we will proceed with your first Reiki treatment!  Please wear comfortable clothing that you can relax in. Individualized support alongside Reiki is an important component of all future sessions. 

Distance Healing  $75 / $95

The distance sessions are comprised of distance Reiki healing, which includes up to a half an hour review of the session afterwards. You may choose either a 1-hour session or a 1.5-hour session.  I can either review the session with you over the phone or I can email you a written summary for you to keep.  Please click, "What is Reiki" for more information on Distance Healing. 

Reiki  Session  $75 / $95

You may choose either a 1-hour session for $75 or a 1.5-hour session for $95. If you are interested,  you may also select an "add on option."  During your appointment, we will first take a few moments to discuss how you are doing. Once you are lying comfortably on the Reiki table, I will activate the flow of Reiki and begin your session. Individualized support is always part of the sessions. 

"Add On" Options  $5

Reiki is a beautiful thing in and of itself; however, for in-person sessions, you may choose to add on: Crystal Therapy (with healing crystals) or Flower Essence Therapy (with flower essences made at Willow Tree Wellness). Each piece has its own vibrational resonance with your body and these earth energies can assist with your healing. They are individually chosen to meet your specific needs.   

Reiki Courses 

Are you interested in learning Reiki?   I also teach all three levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. 

 Did you know that anyone and everyone can learn this natural method of healing? I teach Reiki in small groups or on a one to one basis. If you would like more information on how you can improve your health and wellness by learning Reiki, please contact me.  

Learn More

 Contact Me to Book Your Appointment! 

 Reiki is a gentle- yet powerful way- to enhance your quality of life. No matter what is occurring in your life, Reiki can help. With different options to meet your needs, I am certain you will find something that best suits your wishes.  I am happy to provide you with a session that can help you on your healing journey, or you may choose to see me  more regularly for longer term support. We start where you are at and aim for a higher level of wellbeing. I would love to help you in your pursuit of wellness!  Please feel free to contact me for a full price list. 

To  BOOK ONLINE,  please visit the home page  or simply click the "book online" link. 

Kind love, Crystal.