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Pursue Wellness with Reiki, an Ancient Healing Art. 

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient, Japanese, hands-on healing technique. It gently balances, re-aligns and recharges your body, mind and spirit while triggering the body's natural healing ability.

What does "Reiki" mean?

The Usui method of Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui. "Rei" means "Universal" and "Ki" means "Life Force Energy." Combined, the meaning of Reiki is "Universal Life force Energy." 

What can I expect during a Reiki Session? 

Please wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. You will lie fully clothed on the Reiki table (similar to a massage table). Then you will be asked to take deep, cleansing breaths as you begin to relax. Your practitioner activates the flow of life force energy and uses various hand placements on the major energy centres of your body. The Reiki flows where it is required; it can be described as a warm, tingling or pulsing sensation. 

How does Reiki work? 

Lifeforce energy is in every living plant, animal, and human-well, everything! When y our Ki (life force energy) is high, you will feel strong, confident and resilient. There are many things that can lower your life force energy: day to day stress, trauma, thought patterns, loss and grief, etc. When you Ki is low, you may feel weak, unwell and you are more susceptible to illness. Reiki heals by channelling the Universal Life Force Energy throughout your body. It leaves you feeling refreshed and balanced on all levels-physically, mentally, and spiritually. The benefits may increase with regular sessions. 

How does distance healing work? 

Reiki transcends time and space. Healing occurs through the energetic system, which makes it possible to have a Reiki session without the need to be physically present. To understand distance healing, you must first acknowledge that you are more than just a physical body.  Reiki works with your energy body. To begin the healing session, your Reiki practitioner enters a meditative state. Once immersed in this state, your practitioner is able to use her senses, intuition and guides to gain information about the health and wellbeing of your body of energy. While connecting with your energy, your practitioner is able to infuse universal life force energy (Reiki) and move, heal and alter your energetic state. You may feel a shift in symptoms and experience a release of stress, emotions, or negativity (which is often accompanied by a deep sigh). 

The after-effects of a distance healing session can range from feeling an overall sense of wellbeing to powerful shifts in your thoughts, emotions, or physical symptoms. You may even find that the way you interact with the world around you has changed. The energy body vibrates at a higher level than the physical body and has a type of "trickle down" effect. Watch for subtle and more noticeable changes. After the session is complete, you will have the chance to review the treatment through either phone contact or an emailed report (your choice).  

 Distance Reiki can be done while you are in the comfort of your own home. It is particularly helpful for those who are unable to leave their residence due to illness or injury, or for those who are not local to the Okanagan and cannot meet for a session in person.  

“Most healers believe that  physical pain often has roots in emotional trauma, negative emotional patterns or spiritual despair. To heal dis-ease,  these roots must be discovered and treated."

Diane Stein. 

What my customers are saying

I'm a believer in "self healing," but I can't say I have spent a lot of time allowing others to "balance" me.  Turns out, I should have. Crystal did a distance healing session with me and I honestly cannot believe the sense of calm I felt afterwards. I totally recommend this service-and I look forward to doing it again.  

NMH - Calgary, Alberta. 

Dr. Mikao Usui: Founder of Reiki 

 What is known as Reiki today was known and practiced during ancient times. Modern-day Reiki originated in Japan; however, references are made to this form of energy healing in early Buddhist, Tibetan and Sanskrit scriptures. 

Dr. Mikao Usui discovered this ancient method of energy healing had been lost and needed to be rediscovered by entering the Path to Enlightenment. Usui studied in a Buddhist zen monastery and he read original scripts in Sanskrit. He then went to Mount Koriyama in Japan to meditate for 3 weeks.  On his last day at Mount Koriyama, Dr. Usui was able to activate the Reiki healing method and he left the mountain knowing how to heal using the ancient healing method he called, "Reiki." 

Dr. Usui used the healing method in his clinic in Japan. He shared the Reiki training with Dr. Churiro Hayashi, who also utilized the healing method in Japan.  Dr. Hayashi made Hawayo Takata his successor; she was also Japanese, although she was born in Hawaii. Mrs. Takata practiced in Japan as well, but she eventually brought Reiki back to Hawaii. She proceeded to then share it with practitioners in the United States, Canada,  and Europe and the ancient healing art of Reiki was then spread throughout the world from Reiki Master to each new practitioner. 

Dr. Mika Usui (Sensei Usui)